5 Foods for Instant Energy

Redbook’s Charlotte Hilton Andersen recently listed 5 foods that provide instant energy so you can keep yourself healthy and vibrant all summer long!

1.)    Water – This may be a drink but it is important it made the list and it’s number one. Keep yourself hydrated by always having water handy.

2.)    Oatmeal – This is a great source of energy because it contains fiber and carbohydrates. Add some berries into the mix and try to skip the sugar!

3.)    Eggs – The protein in this super food will give you the boost you need to keep you going until lunch!

4.)    Bananas – Potassium helps regulate the body’s nervous and muscular system, boosts your memory and obviously provides energy!

5.)    Fish – This helps with memory (i.e test-taking skills) and increases focus and concentration due to the Omega 2 Fatty Acids.

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