Astrology is a very ancient science that has been formally practiced for thousands of years all over the world.  The Ramayana for example is an ancient Hindu text that speaks about Twin Brothers.  It also contains the birth chart (natal horoscope) of the god-king Rama which was cast for an individual born around 3102 B.C. and as such it is the oldest horoscope astrologers have on record.  It proves that astrology was an established body of knowledge more than 5,000 years ago!  The symbol for your sign Gemini (`) was used by the ancient Greek Spartans when they went into battle, and stands for the Twin Gods that they worshipped.  An older form of this symbol is (YY) in the cuneiform language of the Akkadians, a Mesopotamian empire that reached its peak around the 25th century B.C.  YY corresponds to their month “Kas” which is that part of May and June that are associated with Gemini!


If you were born under the sign of the Twins, you like to collect interesting pieces of information and enjoy sharing this knowledge with your friends.  (At the very least you like to text message a lot!) So, I wrote the opening paragraph of this month’s sun sign article especially for you.  I did this so that you can see not only something about the history of where the symbol of your sign comes from but also to interest your very curious and intelligent mind.  You might then like to do some further research on your own into astrology and impress yourself and your friends with what you discover—and there is a LOT to find out!  As I like to point out: the Universe is Alive and you are part of It!

Typically Gemini Kidz are somewhat tall, lanky, and lean.  Gemini rules the hands, arms, and lungs.  You guys tend to be very expressive, quite talkative and use your hands at every opportunity.  Many of you in fact are ambidextrous, equally comfortable with both the right and the left hand.  You are very curious to experience life, sometimes too much so, because you can be fickle by nature, drawn as you are to more than one thing, idea, person, place, or activity at a time.

You love diversity, are bored by routine, and feel more natural multi-tasking than putting all your concentration on one thing.   You do not have one favorite food, one best friend (unless he or she is your twin!), one favorite subject at school, one favorite American Idol—you prefer at least two of everything.  Your busy nature comes from a very highly charged nervous system and a ceaseless mind.  You may often have an inner dialogue going on that like your mouth, never is still for too long!  This can lead to trouble in school and in life because you can become easily distracted, darting from one thing to another like a butterfly in a field of wild flowers.

In the astrological language we say that Gemini is a “mutable-airy” sign.  Mutability gives you the ability to change very quickly, making you quite adaptable.  As indicated, your element is air.  This makes you enjoy communicating, which you often do with a quick wit and a great sense of humor. Many Gemini Kidz are very funny, especially when you imitate other people.  When this ability to mimic language and gestures is taken seriously, it can lead to a mastery of foreign languages.  My horoscope is very strongly influenced by Gemini and I can remember being in college and taking five languages in the same semester and going from class to class and from language to language with no trouble at all! Maybe some of you Gemini Kidz have this interest in languages, communications, writing, and journalism.  If you do, you are right in tune with the influence of the Celestial Twins!

Your combination of mutability and air means that you can adapt to any situation and can change your colors (or clothes!) very frequently depending on your mood and outer circumstances.  You are much happier being “lighter than air,” meaning that you do not like to take things too seriously.  This can lead to being superficial and having a hard time with commitment.  In relationships for example, you prefer to have many friends and get easily bored with people—this can be especially the case if people ask more of you than you want to give.  You may find it hard to stay interested in one boy or one girl for a long period of time.  Indeed, you are a natural flirt and even if you are going steady, there will be a natural tendency to smile, wink, and in other ways express an interest in people who catch your eye.   In  this respect, you need to be with a boy or girl who is as varied as you are, who is always coming up with new things to do, who is intelligent, loves to talk, and who is also a person who likes having many friends.

The “ruling planet” of your sign is quick-footed Mercury.  Mercury (his name in Latin) is known in Greek mythology as the “messenger of the gods.”  In Greek his name is Hermes and was known as a being with a very persuasive tongue. Hermes was the messenger of Zeus (Jove in Latin) who was Lord of the Olympian gods and goddesses.  Thus we consider Gemini Kidz to be natural communicators.  The most important thing for you to do is to create is your message.  What do you want to share with other people and by so doing, how can you improve other people’s lives with the special knowledge that you carry?

Famous people born under the sign of the Twins:

Naomi Campbell

Bob Dylan

John F. Kennedy

Clint Eastwood

Marilyn Monroe

Morgan Freeman

Natalie Portman

Angelina Jolie

Anna Kournikova

Johnny Depp

Venus Williams

Paula Abdul

Paul McCartney

Nicole Kidman

Neil Patrick Harris

Allen Iverson

Heidi Klum

Kanye West

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